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How to create and sustain new habits :

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

We are starting our week 2 back in the gym , thank you for all your dedication so far!

The first week back you are finding your rhythm, it is natural to have some ups and downs and maybe not be able to accomplish everything.

That's fine.

The main thing is to stay motivated and switched on. Keep the momentum going.

· What is going well with you?

· How did you go with the first week ?

· What have you noticed ?

· Do we need to adjust something?

Let's redirect your focus onto feeling good rather than the outcome and the timeline.

· Shift your focus on feeling good and cultivate that feeling.

It is a journey, not a race and there is no end line, it is a lifestyle choice.

It is your choice of how you want to be, feel and live.

Changing habits takes commitment, patience, care and love.

Once your body starts to feel the changes and you see it, then you will create natural and sustainable habits.

It just becomes a way of life, natural and easy.

· The body heals itself once we give it a chance.

I am here to help, please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need some adjustments, maybe just a chat, or a friendly kick in the butt.


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