We have skilled and knowledgeable personal trainers and it is our job to take your fitness goals and break them down into smaller, achievable steps, which help you to reach your full potential.

We are building a team of trainers that will guide, encourage and support you while we head together towards your success. Our team is comfortable training a range of clients, from weight loss clients and those training for a 10km or marathon, to people needing rehabilitation -we can work in conjunction with your other health professionals such as Osteopaths, Physios and Chiropractors.

The one-on-one personal attention means that you will protect your body by learning good exercise habits that work your body to its full potential as well as preventing injuries. We support your body and mind to get to the point where you exercise regularly both with and without your trainer to reach your goals.

The advantage of choosing Personal Training at Elanora Fitness is that no matter what your situation is, we will cater to your needs and goals. We make sure that you feel comfortable, work hard and feel great about yourself in a non-threatening and friendly local environment.

Because we know with absolute certainty; everything in life is better and more enjoyable when you look and feel fantastic!

Personal Training can assist with Weight Loss, Strength Training, Stress management, Interval Training necessary for fitness and endurance, Building Lean Muscle Mass, Rehabilitation, Mobility, Sports Training

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Still not convinced?

Investing in a Personal Trainer can:

  • Help keep you motivated and accountable by helping you set your own goals and provide a constant feedback loop

  • If you are new to working out or exercising on your own having a trainer can  help and improve your technique

  • They can introduce you to new exercises and equipment. This is vital for when you eventually progress to a self paced independent workout plan.

  • Provide you with a sound nutritional plan to assist your weight loss goals

  • With a trainer, they can hone in on your goals so you are time efficient, and they can help you fit everything into your schedule regardless of how crunched for time you are

  • When you are working out but not seeing results, you are probably in a plateau phase. Break out of that phase with your trainer as they know how to push your harder to lift more, or train harder all within safe training parameters.

We welcome you to make an appointment to have a chat about your training and work it into a package that works for you!

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Join our team

We are looking for experienced personal training staff to join our dynamic motivated team here at Elanora Squash,

if you are interested in a career please get in touch today or send us an email with your resume!

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