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9 Tips to Improve your sleep:

Sleep is one of the most underrated health habits.

One of the three pillars of good health and well-being: sleep, food and movement.

Most of us fail to make good use of such an invaluable part of our lives.

If this is affecting you, here are some useful tips to help with sleep.

🌜Get a new pillow. And a new pillowcase ( silk is the best)

🌜Make your bedroom darker and keep it cool.

🌜Practice deep breathing before bed

🌜Take a warm bath before bed.

🌜Exercise or at least walk everyday

🌜Banish all LCD screens ( laptops, computers , tablets, tv, phones ) at night.

🌜Banish cellphones from bedroom at night . Leave them charging outside. Buy an old school alarm clock. ⏰

🌜Cut down on coffee and black tea after 2 pm

🌜Avoid alcohol right before bedtime to give the body time to metabolize it.

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