• Julia Comodo

Why you should be doing HIIT.

High Intensity Interval Training is a way of training that consist of short periods of maxim effort of work, followed by short periods of recovery, that you wish were a little longer.

It is the all or nothing type of training, you give all that you've got for the intervals, but the good thing is they are short bursts. It can be intimidating for people that initially doesn't like cardio, but once you start becomes addictive because it is fun, and it is really rewarding how quickly it can improve your fitness level.

If you want:

· To stay lean and conditioned

· Improve aerobic endurance

· Burn fat

· Increase your metabolism

· Have fun and avoid boredom

HIIT is what you need.

Give it a go! Thursdays 9:15 am, Fridays 6:30 am.


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