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How to squeeze a quick and effective workout on your day.

No time for my training today . - Arrived home at 4pm. - Had to pick up the kids 5pm at Curl Curl. - Dropped my bag , got out on my running shoes and did 20 quick sprints around the block . 20 seconds fast and 40 seconds walk . I don’t use clock I just count on my head ,this helps to keep my mind focused and be on the present.

Took me 20 minutes.

Shower and off for the pick up.

It is not always easy. At 4 o’clock I just wanted to sit and eat . 😩 Inside me a little voice whispering 👹“ sit and relax , you don’t need to do this ...”

I had to back up this voice before the mind game started.

How I did ? I asked myself: " how do I want to feel ? "

At 4:20 pm I was back sweaty ,happy and with a winner smile.

Better for my mind , for my relationships and for the kids.

✅Connect with how you want to feel.

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