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How to add more movement in your life and get fitter

Incidental exercise = any small form of movement that accumulates throughout the day, resulting in an increased level of daily activity.

When you’re transitioning from a sedentary lifestyle it’s nice to have a little reminder of all the extra stuff you could be doing to move more and increase your fitness level each day.

Here are some suggestions you may like to incorporate into your daily routine in order to see improvements in your fitness and body’s general wellbeing:

  • Kitchen bench push-ups every time that you go to the kitchen to eat something.

  • Body weight squats while waiting on the phone, waiting for the kids, any waiting time.

  • Taking the stairs instead of the lift/elevator

  • Walk or cycle instead of driving where possible

  • Ditch the remote, walk to the TV when you want to change the channel

  • Move, stretch or foam roll while watching TV

  • Park further away from the shopping centre’s doors.

  • Carry the shopping bags instead of using the trolley to your car.

  • Play with your children rather than watching them

  • Try not to sit for more than an hour during the day

  • Stand on the bus or train rather than sit

  • Leave your phone in another room

  • Actively walk around with your dog, or even walk an extra block

  • Go for a walk on your lunch break

  • Walking meetings rather than sitting.

  • Get an app on your phone or a Fitbit as an activity tracker

The more you move, the fitter and healthier you become.

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