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Updated: Jul 20, 2020

This detox juice helps your body to flush out and eliminate the bad stuff that we put in everyday .

You can have this juice as many times as you like, I have at least once a day and if I feel that I am getting sick or if I am down, or weak I double it .

In the ideal world you would have first thing in the morning on empty stomach, wait 15 minutes to consume any food.

In my routine I can’t do in the mornings so I have the first thing as I arrive home before lunch.

Few things to be effective :

· Drink fresh immediately .

· For this specific juice, make in a Juicer not in a Nutrebulet, Mixer or Thermomix.

· Follow the ingredients list if you don’t have one or the other do it anyway without the missing ingredient but don’t substitute.

I learned this recipe with my Naturopath/Nutritionist/Guru in Brazil, Rachel Barros, she works using this juice as well with patients suffering from cancer, it is chemically designed to support and detoxify the body.

In the ideal world use all organic ingredients if it is not possible aim for at least the greens, and specially the kale.

I can hear you saying “It‘s too much work, I don’t have time.”

You make time for what you want and excuses for what you don't want.

Looks impossible and too much mess, I know, but once you start and feel the energy and benefits of all the vitamins and nutrients in your body it is addictive. You feel healthy.

You will create your own ritual and process to make it works for you .

I am being doing for more then 15 years, when I moved to Australia my first “big buy” was a juicer and the only thing that keeps me doing is that I really miss when I don’t have, our body crave for nutrients. If I am in a busy day and eat poorly I have a juice at night to make up for the missing nutrients.

Rachel used to say to her clients if we don’t find time for health we might need to find time later to look after illness.
Sounds catastrophic I know but unfortunately sometimes people give the best fuel for their cars and don't pay as much attention to the fuel of their bodies.

Let's take charge and prioritise our health to live independent, bright and strong for as long as we can.

Here is the recipe:

3 carrots

1 big stalk of celery

1 hand full of parsley

1 hand full of mint

1 small piece of ginger

1 big leaf of kale

1 apple ( optional)

Juice all the ingredients in a juicer and drink immediately on empty stomach.

* It is great for the whole family.

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