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10 Things that help with afternoon cravings

4 pm and you start going to the kitchen in a forward and back motion, looking for something that you don't know exactly what .

You open the fridge , check the pantry, the oven. Look to the kids cookies, think about the corn chips that is hidden at the back.... and decide to make a tea to think better.

10 minutes later and you are there again checking inside the cookies jar.

Here is what to do when the mid-arvo cravings hit :

Ask these questions:

- Am I hungry or bored ?

- Do I need food or a hug ?

- Am I cold ?

- Am I thirsty ?

- Am I tired ?

If you answered and solved all those questions and still going to the kitchen, try this :

Drink herbal tea. Drink water, make it fancy adding lemon, lime, mint leaves etc. Brush your teeth. Go for a walk around the block.

Do 10 squats, or 10 kitchen bench push ups every time that you go to the kitchen. Call a friend.

Take a nap. Book appointments at the cravings time . Get yourself busy.

Have a warm shower.

Still hungry ?

Do what you would say to your kid : - Eat veggies sticks: celery, cucumber, carrots, cherry tomatoes, fruits.

Don't go to the cookies jar !

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